MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio (x86/x64) + Crack [CracksNow…

MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio (x86+x64) + Crack [CracksNow]

 MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio (x86/x64) + Crack [CracksNow] The perfect addition to your home studio. SOUND FORGE Audio Studio delivers the goods whether you are recording your band or podcast, digitizing your vinyl collection, creating sound effects for your new video, creating loops for your new tracks, or mastering your latest CD. Built on a 64-bit architecture to bring you more editing power, more processing power and a more powerful workflow. Features :- Audio editing, recording, and restoration - NEW! 64-Bit architecture - More than 20 professional audio effects including chorus, delay, distortion, reverb and more - NEW wave editing techniques: Slice Editing, Soft Cut, Crossfade Editing - Record high-resolution audio at 32-bit/384kHz - LP and tape digitization, repair and audio conversion Cutting-Edge. Not only in Audio Editing. Work on the cutting-edge of audio production. Version 12 expands your editing possibilities with these new features: Slice Editing Enables you to continue to tweak your edit even after you’ve made your cut. Soft Cut Creates automatic, user-adjustable crossfades with each edit to guarantee smooth transitions between cuts with no pops or clicks. Vinyl restauration The new Vinyl Recording and Restoration interface makes it easier than ever to digitize your vinyl LPs or tapes and convert them to audio CDs or popular formats such as WAVE, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis. Vocal Tuning Use the Elastic Audio Editor to tune your vocals to a pitch-perfect performance. Achieve amazing results with complete control. Change the pitch without affecting the length of the recording. Spectral Cleaning Perform frequency-based noise removal. Visually identify frequencies of an offending noise such as a chair squeak or cough in your recording, then use the spectral cleaning tool to select and remove the frequencies that make up those sounds. DeClicker/DeCrackler Automatically detect and remove clicks and crackle from vinyl recordings or other noisy environments. DeClipper When the record level is set too high the audio may clip, and cause distortion. Use the DeClipper to restore and recover analog or digital material with clipping artifacts. DeEsser Reduce the excessive prominence of sibliant consonants, such as "s", "z" and "sh", in voice recordings. DeHisser Easily remove unwanted hiss when digitizing archival tape-based recordings or hiss from a guitar or bass amp. Easily clean up background hiss with pre-sets for hiss behind vocals, cassette tape hiss, analog tape hiss and more. DeNoiser Reduces unwanted steady-state noise, like that created by air-conditioning, equipment hum, and amplifier hiss. Let the DeNoiser automatically find the relevant noise samples and clean your audio material with ease. A Effects SOUND FORGE Audio Studio includes a set of professional effects to inspire your creativity, including Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Distortion, Amplitude Modulation, Dynamics, EQ, Gate, Limiter, Resonant Filter, Reverb, and Stutter. Digitize Old recordings Convert your favorite LP records and tapes to CD or popular file formats such as MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis with the built-in Vinyl Recording and Restoration tools. Record Podcasts and DJ Sets Record Podcasts and DJ Sets Easily create a podcast or DJ set. Whether your source is a microphone or the line out of your turntable rig, the editing tools, filters and effects in SOUND FORGE Audio Studio make it easy to record and produce the perfect performance. Then render it to any of the popular streaming formats to upload and share with the world. Capture your performance Capture your performance Plug a microphone into your computer’s audio card and capture your performance in high-fidelity with resolution up to 32-bit/384kHz.
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